In order to effectively serve client business needs, we provide our services/solutions through some flexible client engagement models. Based on client specific requirements, we propose suitable engagement model. The primary factors considered for engagement model selection are timelines, budget and specific project requirements. We are very much flexible to customize the engagement models to suit client needs.

The most commonly used client engagement models through which we deliver our services:


This model works best for you if it is difficult for you to forecast workflow or you require any immediate support for executing a project. In this model, client provide us project requirement. On the basis of project requirements, we provide detailed methodology for the project, cost estimates and delivery timelines. The project invoices are sent to the client upon completion of the project.


In this model, we reserve some fixed amount of time per quarter, half yearly or yearly basis for our clients. Clients can use this time at short notices. This model is particularly useful when client has planned work which needs to be performed periodically. We offer discounted rate in this model in comparison to project based model.


This is the most cost effective model. In this model, we allocate fix number of experts (FTEs) to client for mutually agreed time period (such as quarter, half year, year or more). These experts will work only for one client as a dedicated team on daily basis. This model is useful when client have the constant workflow and want dedicated team for work. Further, this model is quite beneficial in terms of quality of analysis, as the team learns in line with clients’ requirements & expectation over the period of time. We offer much discounted hourly rate in this model and invoice clients on monthly basis for fixed number of hours.