A defensive publication/disclosure strategy helps your invention to serve as a prior art, thus preventing others from obtaining patents on the same technology. The main reason to use defensive publication is to minimize cost over patent applications. Our team comprise of experienced techno-legal professionals who have drafted hundreds of defensive publication documents for various organizations.


We have team of experts with sound technical, legal and patent drafting skills. We evaluate the scope of the invention based on invention disclosure, prior art search and draft various parts of patent specification, including claims, abstract, summary, drawings, brief description of drawings, detailed description, background of the invention, field of invention etc. We ensure that the drafted patent document meets all the guidelines from the respective patent office.


Our team of skilled techno-legal professionals has extensive experience in drafting quality responses for patents filed across jurisdictions including US, EP, India. We always ensure that any unclaimed subject matter is brought to the clients notice so that timely amendments are made to capture the broadest possible scope of the patents. We prepare detailed responses including broadest possible claims, technical reviews, and recommendations. This includes detailed technical analysis of the references cited by the examiner and identifying the technical differences between the cited art and the invention.