Undoubtedly some errors can be found in a majority of patents. These errors might limit the scope of the patent or lead to its revocation post grant. In some cases, these errors can even risk your right to enforce and monetize your patent.

The proofreading process involves legal and technical aspect of understanding of the patent application. Our team performs a detailed analysis of the prosecution history along with the patent document to identify errors that are made either by the applicant or patent office.

Our proofreading service will help you out to correct issues like wrong priority date information, wrong bibliographic details, inconsistent claim numbering, spelling mistakes, prosecution stage amendments, incorrect status of patent, incorrect antecedent referencing etc.
Our team also prepare ready to file correction request that can be filed with the PTOs to save your time and cost.


PTA check determines whether the patent term adjustment published by PTO office has been calculated correctly or not.

The check requires the extensive review of all important dates during the patent’s prosecution to identify the delays.

In case of US patent, we identify the USPTO delays as per the 35 USC 154 and subtract from those the applicant side delays and calculate the final PTA.


We understand the critical importance of docketing. We keep track of all the pre-filing, post-filing and post-grant dates and deadlines associated with your patents. Our docketing services can be used to meet your needs. We are highly trained and familiar with best practices.


A prosecution/file history consists of every other critical information related to the patent application. It holds all the words exchanged between the applicant and the examiner. The statements provided by the applicant during the exchanges may be critical to support licensing, litigation, infringement analysis or patent transaction (buy/sell). The applicant can make amendment to the application to circumvent examiners objections.

We assist you in performing a thorough review and analysis of the file wrapper. We help you in mining information from the file wrapper and perform relevant analysis in light of your business requirements.


We periodically check the application status so that our clients can timely respond to patent office communications.

If you have filed some patent applications and want to check status of any of the application. Our team helps you to periodically check the application status to help an applicant timely respond to patent office communications.


To maintain the current and accurate data is one of the most important responsibilities of any IP department.

We will identify and resolve any of your data integrity issues. Our team is highly trained and familiar with best practice provides efficient and reliable data verification services, helping you save time and reduce risk.