Focus on Non-Patent Prior Arts

There are many patent databases which offer very structured patent searching. However searching non-patent prior art is very un-structured and tricky. Non-patent prior art can include a research paper, thesis, video or even a discussion forum. Because of the searching complexity non-patent prior arts have fair probability to be missed out while being searched by examiner during prosecution. In validity searches, non-patent literatures have much importance. Story is not different in patentability searches also. We put our special focus in finding non-patent prior arts. We do it by searching in different non-patent databases. To name few, we have IEEE, Stantist, 3GPP, ACM, Google, AES, arxiv.org etc. Depending on the domain of the searches we search in specific database.

Customized Solutions

We are not rigid with our product offerings. Every product, we offer, is customizable based on client needs. Apart from our product offerings, we also provide end-to-end customized IP-solution which is client specific.

Non-English Patent Search

Apart from the conventional English patent searches we also specifically focus on finding non-English patent literature. For ex: JP, CN and KR etc.


Quality is paramount for us. We believe that nothing comes first than Quality. We perform quality checks of the deliverable at multiple levels to ensure quality.

Turnaround time

We understand the importance of time in the IP world. We highly respect the timeline suggested by client to deliver the service. We are committed to deliver our services within the advised timeline.

Data Confidentiality and Security

We understand the importance of data privacy in IP industry. Therefore, we adhere to the global data security standards and have set stringent protocols to ensure no threat to data security. We strongly believe in signing Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement with clients at the start of the project.

Further, Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements are signed by all our Employees prior to join us.

Cost Effectiveness

we offer services at very competitive prices that lead to huge cost savings for our clients and help them in maximizing return on investment.