A prior art search after conception of idea and before filing makes sure about any available prior art in the domain. Based on the patentability search reports, client can decide whether the invention has potential for being filed.

Patentability searches are further helpful in drafting the claims based on the search results.


Validity/Invalidity search is a prior art search to check the validity of a patent. Prior arts which may have been missed during examination of patent application are intended to be found in this search. Below are circumstances where validity/invalidity searches are useful

  • If client is interested to sue a party for a infringing product, client may check the validity of the patent in question before entering into the litigation
  • Under litigation, a defendant can ask for the invalidity of a patent which is asserted
  • Before buying a patent, this kind of search for the patent can be requested by client to know its validity

We provide a comprehensive search report in the format required by the client.


Conventionally called as quick and dirty search to refine the ideas before proceeding for an investment in in drafting and filing a patent. However our team of experts performs this time limited searches quickly but not in dirty manner.

Based on the outcome of the knock-out searches, full-ledged searches can be requested. We have expert team members in the respective domain to perform these searches within the stipulated timeline.